DeX Hydro H – Carbon Fiber Full Edition

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Carbon Fiber DeX Hydro H Frame

This is a NEW model!

the price includes pre-drilled holes, build-in heat sinks, molded silicone cover seal and cover with screws ready for you to insert your own electronics and make this a waterproof racer!

price includes:

  • main frame
  • cover with screws
  • silicone seal molded around the cover hole
  • pre-drilled holes for all 16×16 motors and for motor wires
  • a central motor dent (for motor shaft)
  • built-in aluminium heat sinks (heat sink for 4 in 1 ESC or 4 separate ESCs, also heatsink for air unit if required)
  • 30x30mm holes on the bottom for mounting FC and ESC
  • holes on bottom part so the motors can be screwed trough them
  • 4x rubber plugs for holes on the bottom
  • camera lens hole on the hull (if you want it or blank if you don’t)

Standard weight is around 140-145g but the model can be made at specific custom weight per order

Standard option is Carbon Fiber cover, but cover can be from Glass Fibers in any color if you need cover transparency to GPS signal…

There is NO electronics included with the model!

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