DeX Hydro X – Carbon Fiber Custom Edition

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Carbon Fiber DeX Hydro Frame

This is a custom model, price is between 120 and 200 euros, you can choose any options you like

  • main frame
  • cover
    • OPTION - silicone seal molded around the cover hole
    • OPTION – side hinge pins with double Ring Belt Buckle included (can also be used with a 10mm velcro strap band)
    • OPTION – pre-drilled holes for all 16/19mm motors and for motor wires
    • OPTION – a sealed central motor hole (hole for motor shaft C clip)
    • OPTION – built-in aluminium heat sinks with hooks(ESCs are mounted with cable ties through hooks)
    • OPTION – holes on bottom part so the motors can be screwed trough them
    • OPTION – 4x rubber plugs for holes on the bottom
    • OPTION – camera lens hole on the cover (if you want it or blank cover if you don’t)

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